Best Xiaomi SmartWatch of the Year

 Best Xiaomi SmartWatch of the Year

As technology develops, many companies enter the world of smartwatches, one of which is Xiaomi. This Chinese technology manufacturer was originally in the smartphone segment, until it spread its wings to Smartwatches in 2019.

Best Xiaomi SmartWatch of the Year

Xiaomi's strategy for entering the smartwatch segment is the same as when they built and captured some market share in the smartphone segment: selling cheap goods, but the specifications offered are above the price tag.

This same strategy seems to work, many consumers are tempted by Xiaomi 's smartwatches . Starting from the Mi Band series to Amazfit. Now, Xiaomi is pursuing the same opportunities as they used to. For those of you who are interested in buying a Xiaomi smartwatch, here are the best Xiaomi smartwatches this year, which are summarized from various sources. 

    1. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is one of the smartwatches made by Xiaomi which is estimated at a low price with abundant battery capacity. This smartwatch is supported by a 0.78” OLED screen.

Although powered by a battery that only has a capacity of 110 mAh, the battery can last up to 20 days. You don't need to charge repeatedly in this series to support daily activities. Mi Band 3 is priced starting at IDR 250 thousand and is available in various local marketplaces. 

    2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the successor to Mi Band 3. Compared to the previous version, Mi Band 4 has a more expensive price. IDR 400 thousand. This is natural because this series has more features, a bigger screen and battery.

Just look,, apart from showing the date and time, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also has a tracking mode, pulse, heart rate, Swolf and many more. 

    3. Xiaomi Amazfit Cor

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor is supported by a 1.23” screen, the screen can display various kinds of information, namely, date and time information, weather, notifications, heart rate sensor, and much more.

This smartwatch is also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. You can get it starting from Rp. 600 thousand.

    4. Xiaomi Amazfit Verge

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge offers tracking features for up to 12 types of sports. This smartwatch which is equipped with 512 MB RAM has a 360 x 260 pixel screen and 4 GB of internal memory. 

The screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so it is resistant to various scratches. This smartwatch model is priced starting at IDR 2 million.

    5. Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos

The next best Xiaomi smartwatch is the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos. This is one of the smartwatch series with the most complete features that Xiaomi has. The price, which starts at IDR 2.1 million, offers a variety of sports and health tracking modes.

Having 512MB RAM, 4GB internal, 1.34” screen, this smartwatch is suitable for use this year.

That's the Best Xiaomi SmartWatch of the Year , some assessments are based on the features and prices offered. Although there are many other series and types, the list above is enough to enjoy the Xiaomi smartwatch with the essence of using the smartwatch itself.

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