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women's dream tunic


   women's dream tunic


Mooteara.com ,Before discussing the women's dream tunic, let's see what the tunic really is?.....is it the same as a blouse ?

women's dream tunic
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 Tunic is one of the fashions of women's clothing that is often used because it is easy and comfortable to wear. This dream tunic in (  English: wikipedia ) is loose clothing that covers the chest, shoulders, and back. This shirt can be made in a sleeved or sleeveless version, and the length reaches to the hips or to above the knee. difference between tunic and blouse  


You can easily find cool and fall dream tunic materials in clothing stores   . There are many models with a variety of colors and patterns, which can be adjusted to your taste.

Previously, the tunic was just the same, aka standard. Now the model of the tunic has become more fashionable and can be worn at various moments.

You can wear a simple tunic for everyday. You can even wear it at formal or semi-formal events. The simple appearance of the tunic will be more attractive when combined with the hijab    the same.

If you have clothes with this tunic mode, you need to pay attention to the type of fabric used.


This crepe type material has a soft, fibrous texture, and falls when worn. the fabric is also thick enough so it's not see-through, the material is comfortable because it's cool so even without using the lining it won't make you hot. And this type of fabric is very difficult in terms of production because of its unique texture.

women's dream tunic
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This crepe material first appeared around 1911. The crepe itself is made of polyester fiber. There are Crepe de Chine , Crepe Georgette, Wool Crepe and Crepe Marocain,     


This type of maxmara fabric is in great demand by women of all ages of various ages, this type of maxmara fabric has the advantage of many unique and funny motifs. This type of fabric is often and many people call satin silk and has a smooth and soft texture. Another feature of this material is that it is light, glowing , so it looks luxurious and not dreamy.     

women's dream tunic
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Of the two types of fabric above, namely crepeandmaxmara, maybe it can be a consideration when choosing a tunic that is comfortable to wear.   

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