Best Purbalingga City Guide l Kabupaten Purbalingga l Central Java l Indonesia


Best Purbalingga City Guide l Kabupaten Purbalingga l Central Java l Indonesia || Purbalingga District is one district in Central Java province. Purbalingga District area of approximately ± 777.65 km2 with Total Population: ± 900,000 inhabitants. Geographically, purbalingga located 101 º 11 ‘- 109 º 35 “W and 1 º 10′ – 7 º 29 ‘longitude. With the administrative boundary in the northern district bordering the west with the district pemalang, in east with banyumas, in southern districts with banjarnegara and banyumas district also circling from west to south. Purbalingga regency is a small town at the foot of Mount Slamet, which is the largest mountain in central Java.

Development in Purbalingga of Year to Year of the more rapidly, both in terms of which, like the Physical Development and Mental spiritual development. Purbalingga physical development of its own as an example is:

Best Purbalingga City Guide l Kabupaten Purbalingga l Central Java l Indonesia
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1. Aspects of Economic and Trade

This aspect of Purbalingga Government has built a market that’s Largest Market in Central Java called Segamas, before the market in the city center was moved to Market Purbalingga Segamas, and the old market, God willing, will be built Garden City. Why Purbalingga government not just build a mall on the old Market Location? All this in order to protect small traders from trading competition. Segamas market dedicated a traditional market center with a modern beautiful order which gives buyers convenience and comfort. Remember one of the factors that increased sales is the convenience factor of shopping. We do not need the Mall, the Mall Segamas yet we, the People’s Mall.

2. From the aspect of Transportation

Purbalingga regency government has Purbalingga rehabilitate the former terminal into broad and narrow, which gives flexibility neatly for transport companies like Sinar Jaya and Damri, so expect Purbalingga of Transportation in and out of the area a smooth one. Terminal thugs started rarely seen, this shows a change terminals to a better direction. Again created comfort for residents.

Also Wirasaba Air Field which is the Military Field in the area began to be directed to Bukateja made into a commercial air field in the LCS The Regent Bralingmascakeb for funding together. Actually, to be established is the Tunggul Wulung Air Field at Cilacap, but due to poor soil composition and marshy be indicated Wirasaba city. This is very unfortunate people in the western region of Central Java, especially for Investors and Entrepreneurs and Students from Outside the City, given the airport in Central Java is still focused in the Eastern Region Central Java (Semarang and Solo).

3. Aspects of Youth and Sports

The government has built Purbalingga Gelora Thunder Sports Pagedangan Darjono in the region as a substitute who has Wasesa Stadium on Change to Market by Segamas Purbalingga regency government. It is expected that this may facilitate the exercise Purbalingga community and active in the morning, but it can also be used as a great venue with a capacity of 50,000 people. In front of stadium there are Sculptures, Garden and commercial-shop suitable for a place to relax away the impression this is scary, considering the stadium adjacent to the cemetery.

4. Aspects of Tourism

Who does not know Owabong? even in Pangkalan Bun too many people who knew him, the biggest Extras Central Java presents a variety of water entertainment very enjoyable course. Owabong development of increasingly rapid and Money Museum in Bojongsari, Strawberry Park, Museum of Insects, Munjuluhur camping grounds, in Karangreja Lawa Cave, an example that tourism in Purbalingga rapid tips.

5. Aspects of the City Administration

Square Development Purbalingga from the first 4 part, and now to 1 Union Square, When Sunday night, Purbalingga Square was crowded by people who not only from within but from outside the area. Then the intersection near Selabaya Indah Housing fitted with giant television monitor this is a very modern landscape in the region which is the gateway into the city, then Reef Playground Sentul Park City and later at the Old Market location. Purbalingga really have led to a futuristic form of the city, advanced and beautiful

Development Statues

among others, as General Sudirman Statue, Statue of athletes in Gelora Darjono Thunder Exhaust craftsmen and Statues, Sculptures special for Exhaust / Exhaust craftsmen, Purbalingga be exporter No. 1 for the exhaust, exhaust Purbalingga many well-known in Foreign Affairs.

One example is the Great Mosque building rehabilitation Purbalingga into a beautiful building like the Nabawi Mosque in Saudi Arabia and Development Campus in Blitar Unsoed which is a form of academic dedication to Purbalingga also provide additional income for people living near to open a boarding-house.

In addition to development efforts Purbalingga government itself, there is also development of the society that looks quite significant, namely the Development Restaurant Rural theme. Almost every corner of town there are just restaurant with atmosphere like that, call it Floating Bale, Nony, etc. Public Tree. Then Warnet development which has now mushroomed, first cafe can only be counted on the fingers.

Mental spiritual development

Purbalingga in terms of spiritual mental development evidenced by the many youth organizations. As an example of this is Film Communities Purbalingga.

Cinematography Purbalingga, although five-year-old but has a lot of progress offered. From the info that I can Cinematography Purbalingga has reached four rounds, but only two rounds what I know. The first round is a pioneering, Cinematography Purbalingga Laeli pioneered by Leksono with Title Films’ Blind and his guide ” The second is the mass seeding round, marked by the establishment of Cinema Lovers Community (CLC). New round of cinematographic journey begins with the event Purbalingga Purbalingga Film Festival.

Cinematography In addition, the terms of academics, that is Purbalingga students community. One example is Dewangga. Dewangga is a association for STAN students. What can used as an example of the Mental Development of Academics spiritual field.

Later development in the field of Cultural Art

Kenthongan Purbamas (Thek-Thek)

This Kenthongan art fostered by the Regent Purbalingga Mr. Triyono Budi Sasongko, popular in Jakarta at the Performing Arts at the flag drop and known to the State. It was a very proud thing for us that arts and culture could Purbalingga known to the State.

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